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Green Screen 2020

Special screening

История одного загрязнения  A story of pollution.jpg

A story of pollution 

Environmental projects support center Bellona, Murmansk, Russia / 2020  

Scriptwriters - Simon Kalmykov, Andrey Zolotkov
Director - Yuri Erofeev
Camera, sound design - Sergey Pashkov


In December 2020, the closing of the smelting factory in Nikel took place. The factory has been the heart of the village for over 70 years. This film is about the complicated history of the smelter in Nikel seen through the work of environmentalists.

Восточные ханты. Прописка в лесу.png

Eastern khanty. Residents of the forest 

August TV Studio, Moscow, Russia / 2021

Scriptwriter, Camera – Aleksander Krastoshevsky 
Director – Anna Koryakovtseva 
Sound design – Natalia Ivanova


The Eastern Khanty people honor the sacred places of their ancestors, in a special place – holy labaz – they keep a bear's head, it protects the house and family. They live with a "forest registration" – a certain camp or land is listed as the address.

Колосйоки 22 км.png


Tatiana Egorova, private person, Nikel, Russia / 2021

Scriptwriter, director, camera – Tatiana Egorova

Environmental ecology is the most important and relevant issue. Now the ecology of our district is in a very unfavorable condition. It is necessary to look for ways to solve this important problem and to fight environmental pollution.

Сад прекрасных деревьев .png

A Garden of beautiful trees 

Step Clap Film School, Almaty, Kazakhstan / 2021 

Scriptwriters, directors – Alua Sarsenbekova, Damelia Iljas, Daria Filimonova, Ansar Aldamzharov, Anel Dzharbolova, Diana Mahadi.  
Camera - Ansar Aldamzharov, Anel Dzharbolova, Diana Mahadi.  
Sound design - Damelia Iljas 


This documentary film is about the yard in Almaty, where an environmentalist and a teacher have free lessons for children about the ecology and love for trees. Children learn to take care of the trees and nature.

навстречу мечте_2.png

Chasing the dream 

Irina Gobozashvili, private person, Georgia / 2021

Scriptwriter, director  - Irina Gobozashvili
Producer  -  Evgeny Chernykh
Music by - Valery Golovetsky 
Main soundtrack  -  Whale  by Splin 
Sound design – Aleksey Aleksandrov 
Camera director in Russia - Roman Chekhlov
Camera director in Norway - Valery Golovetsky


Katia is a rioting teenager. She thinks that her mom does not understand and accept her, and the relations in the family are beoynd repair. So Katia desides to leave everything and move to another country, Norway. On her way there she meets a boy, who is also going to Norway, but for a completely different reason. He is chasing his dream before his life ends.
This meeting by chance of the two teenagers will join two different paths and forever change several broken lifes. 


Sara With all her Being 

Director – Gunilla Bresky
Camera – Erik Vallsten
Music – johan Ramström
Sound – Mikael Brodin
editor – Fredrik Ydhag
Producer – Stina Gardell

Sara Lidman is one of the most important writers of the Swedish language in the twentieth century. She grew up in a remote village in the north. In her novels we find
profound human insight combined with knowledge about colonization and exploitation.
She was also one of the first Swedes to promote solidarity with Vietnamese people during the US-war. This film is based on her diary and we meet a woman in constant struggle against injustices, but at the same time longing for love



PROFiX STUDIO and DTS GVOZD, Nikel, Russia, 2021

Scriptwriter: Maria Bogdanova

Stage director: Yulia Krokhinova

Camera and sound engineer: Fyodor Konstantinov

The problem of homeless animals exists in every town. You can close your eyes to what you see, but you can’t close your heart to what you feel. This short video, SOSage was filmed to draw the attention to the problems of homeless animals and foster a more humane attitude to them.

photo_2021-09-17 13.26.20.jpeg

Nickel. Next

Author: Tatiana Yulusova
Camera and editing director: Vladislav Pautov

This short documentary film is based on the interviews with people telling the history of Nikel, sharing their family memories and their concerns about the future of the village and talk about the prospects and development of Pechenga district. The filmmakers will also tell us about the long history of cross-border cooperation between Nikel and Kirkenes, about the development of specially protected natural areas and urban environment. How do the residents of Nikel see the future after the closure of the smelter? What's next?

The film was produced within the framework of the project "Promoting ecological transition in the border region", supported by the World Wildlife Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway via the Nordic Council of Ministers, represented by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Norway in Murmansk.

2021-09-19 12.35.05.jpg

The Bears of Kamchatka 

Directors: Vladislav Grishin, Irina Zhuravleva 
Scriptwriters: Vladislav Grishin, Irina Zhuravleva 
Producer : Irina Zhuravleva 
Cameras: Dmitry Shpilenok, Mikhail Rodionov, Gennady Shalikov 
Music by Georgiy Khimroda, Luke Howard

2018, Russia 


Slogan: Seven months with bear families in the wild 

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