Green Screen 2020

Special screening

The soul of the strings.png


WEBBON, Sweden

25 min

Director - Tamara Sushko

Cameramen – Tamara Sushko, Petri Storlöpare

Sound designer, narrator - Nathaniel Gustin

A Russian woman has been playing the balalaika for most of her life and has a dream to become a big artist. She came to Sweden to fulfill her dream, but she failed.

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Documentary series OUR PLANET/ Great Britain

Netflix production/ 54 min.

Documentary series Our Planet (2019) features breathtaking and stunning footage of rare animals mixed with the dark truth about humanity's impact on the environment. On the fringes of climate change, polar bears, walruses, seals and penguins see their icy habitats in danger. The series Our Planet (2019) shows evidence of the negative impact of humanity on the environment.  This research took four years. During this time, they showed us the Wonders of the World, known to us from the antiquity, unique footage of animals feeding their cubs, sleeping,  a predator chasing a prey. And as opposed to all living things there are people who do not know how to do anything else, but to destroy nature. A group of specialists visited over 50 countries to film on all continents, to capture the flora and fauna of the entire planet. Scientists saw polar bears in the Arctic and filmed the penguins of Antarctica, climbed with special equipment to the peaks of Tibet, descended into the depths of the oceans to get acquainted with the inhabitants of the bottom.

Documentary film

...Sending dreams on our earth…

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Orto Polare AS / Norway/ 2020
PRODUCER: Gørild Mauseth

This year it is 75 years since the liberation and the end of World War II. Our sailors and fishermen played a vital role in the acts of war and the evacuation. The war sailors, the home sailors and the fishermen who participated both in Norway and internationally put their lives at risk for our nation. We are eternally grateful to them. Many men from Finnmark lost their lives, several of them from Nordkyn. Leaving the widows and children behind. Life was changed forever. We thank and remember for 1 minute all those who are no longer with us.

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