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Festival rules
III International festival of environmental and social films 
«Northern Character: green screen»


These Rules define the procedures for III International festival of environmental and social films «Northern Character: green screen» (hereinafter referred as the Festival) in 2020, aims and objectives of the Festival, festival dates, organization and the program for screening festival films. 
III International festival of environmental and social films «Northern Character: green screen» (hereinafter referred as the Festival) will be held in Norway (Kirkenes), Russia (Murmansk region, Nikel) 24-27 September 2020. 
The theme of the festival: «Nature is a source of inspiration!» 
The aim of the festival: to address consumer attitude to nature, to develop new models of interaction with the environment, to be able to preserve the natural environment; to contribute  to development of environmental consciousness of the people in Pechenga district of the Murmansk region, support volunteers protecting and preserving the environment.   
Festival goals: 
- to attract attention of the people in the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region to environmental problems;
- to create an international open forum for discussion about the environmental issues;
- to support and trigger creativity in making films about the environment;
- esthetic development of the audience.   


Festival organizer: Production Center «Northern Character»

The festival is supported by:
Presidential grants fund; 
Administration of Pechenga district of the Murmansk region; 
Sør-Varanger Municipality (Norway);  
Pechenga district social projects center «Vtoraya shkola» 
World Wildlife Fund.

Official festival languages: Russian and English.


 - Screenings of films in competition
– Presentations and discussions of films
– Master-classes by Russian and foreign filmmakers
– Presentation of art for environmental protection projects 
– Out-of-competition screenings
– Cultural program (including excursions


1. Best documentary film – up to 60 minutes.
2. Best short documentary film – up to 30 minutes.
3. Gran Prix


Documentary and short feature films made by state, municipal and private TV-companies, studios and private persons are accepted for participation in the Festival competition. They should be aired during the period 2017-2020 and correspond with the theme of the festival (see p. 1). 
One film-maker may only submit one film for one nomination. 
The deadline for submission of applications, films (with English subtitles) for participation in  the competition is 15 August 2020.

Please note that the submitted version of the film is final and not to be changed.

Films received after 15 August 2020 are not allowed into the competition.

The films go through preliminary screening by the Expert Council, that decides whether they should be included into the competition program of the Festival. The Expert council does not provide any feedback on the provided video materials (programs, films).

The competition results are decided upon by the International Festival Jury. The winner-films appointed by the International Festival Jury are awarded by prices and diplomas. The main festival award, Gran Prix, is awarded according to the viewers' voting. The results of the competition are announced 26 September 2020 in Nickel, Pechenga district, Murmansk region.



1. An electronic submission form must be filled in on the Festival web-site: Films/TV-programs in languages other than Russian must be submitted with scripts in English, including time codes. The English script (Word or txt-file) must be submitted together with the application.

2. Technical requirements for film/TV-programs in competition:
a) Video source: internet file (Internet download by Vimeo, Dropbox, Yandex.Disc, google-drive, 
NB: Video files from YouTube are not allowed!
b) Video file format:*.avi, *.mpeg (*.mpg), *.mp4, *.mov, *.m2ts (coder: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, or Microsoft DV PAL)
NB: Audio/video in the format *.vob is not allowed.
c) Audio:
Audio format – stereo
Audio tracks: on both channels L and R. Sound level: -11dB.
Audio format: PCM (Stereo, 48KHz 16 bit, 2 channels), MPEG Audio Layer-2 (48KHz 224 or 256 kbps, 2 channels), ААС, АС.
Every file/disc of film/TV-programs/-reports submitted to the Festival has to have an identification label including: Title, duration, name of production company and authors.
NB! Materials with technical defects and presented in other formats than above-mentioned are not allowed.

3. English subtitles
All films/TV-programs/-reports must have English subtitles.
Use of scrolling text is not allowed for subtitles. Accepted subtitle standard: 2 lines per image, placed within the standard safe framing zone.

4. Additional form for Russianparticipants
Russian participants must complete and attach an additional rights agreement form for non-commercial use by Northern Character Production Center of the provided materials during the Northern Character film marathon, using parts of the film/programe in special reports and programs about the Northern Character: green screen International film festival (the form is attached to the application).

5. Materials for the Festival booklet:
a) Brief information about the authors of the film/TV-program (maximum 250 symbols)
b) 1-2 screen-shots from the film (JPG 720х576, 24 bit)
c) Brief description/annotation of the film (maximum 250 symbols!)
d) Name of the production company. Full address, phone numbers, e-mail.
The booklet information should be in English and Russian and submitted with the festival application.
NB! For foreign participants: The work title must be written both in English and in the original language.


The Festival covers travel expenses from Moscow to the festival venue for the participants. The organizers also provide meals, accreditation to all the festival events for 1 (one) representative from the film accepted to the competition.


Festival organizers plan to have Northern Character: green screen activities offline. In case of worsened epidemiological situation in Murmansk region, the festival activities will be held online. 


The Festival does not pay any screening fees for films or TV-programs. 
Festival directors guarantee protection of the materials sent for the competition from illegal copying and distribution without the authors consent. Festival participants are responsible for being the authors and providing the quality of their projects. Ensuring the copyright and similar rights is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. All third party claims including the holders of copyrights and similar rights are to be settled by the participant who sent the film and at his expense. 
The organizational committee of the Festival bears no responsibility for claims on copyright or similar rights for the films and programs sent for the competition. 
The films and programs sent in for the competition are not returned.


Programs/films, application, subtitles are to be submitted by email with the headline «Northern Character Festival: green screen» 

Festival Organizing Committee:

Svetlana Soldatova  – President of the festival, + 7 921 511 05 00,
Juriy Erofeev – Executive director, +7 921 036 00 40,
Svetlana Osmina – Commercial director, +7 911 303 21 90,
Olga Danilchenko – Coordinator, + 7 921 287 03 93,


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