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Green Screen 2020


These Regulations determine the procedure for holding the IV International Environmental and Social Film Festival "Northern Character: green screen " (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) in 2022, the goals and objectives of the Festival, the timing, organization and program of screenings of films in competition. 
The IV International film festival "Northern Character: green screen » (hereinafter Festival) will be held in Russia (Murmansk region, Pechenga district) 23-29  May 2022. 
I.1. Theme of the Festival: "Nature is a source of inspiration!"
I.2. The purpose of the festival : to address consumer attitudes to nature, to develop a new model of interaction with the environment, to preserve the natural habitat; to contribute to the formation of an ecological culture of the population of the  Pechenga district of the Murmansk region, the development of volunteering and volunteering  in the preservation and protection of the environment. 
I.3. Festival  objectives:  
- to draw attention to the environmental problems of the population of the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region;
- to create an international open platform for dialogue on environmental issues; 
- to support creation of films on environmental topics;
- aesthetic development of the viewers.  
The organizer of the Festival is Northern Character Production Center supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation, Ministry of Culture of Murmansk region.
Festival partners :
Film Production Development Center of the Murmansk Region;
Russia’s Cinematographers Union;
Russia’s Journalists Union;
Administration of Pechenga District of Murmansk Region;
“Second School” - Social Projects Center of Pechenga District" ";
World Wildlife Fund.
Official languages of the Festival: Russian and English.
Competitive screenings of festival films;
Viewing and discussing films;
Master classes of Russian and foreign documentary filmmakers;
Presentation of art projects for the protection of nature;  
Out-of-competition screening of films.
Cultural program (including excursions)
1. "Best Documentary" - up to 60 minutes.
2. "Best Short Fiction Film" - up to 30 minutes.
3. Grand Prix
We accept for participation in the Festival competition: documentaries and short feature films by state, municipal and private television companies, studios, individuals, aired in 2019-2022, relevant to the festival theme (p.I).
One filmmaker may not submit more than one film in one nomination.
The deadline for applications, finished films (with English subtitles), for participation in the competition is May 10, 2022.
Please note: the film version submitted the application is considered final and cannot be replaced.
Films submitted after May 10, 2022 will not be eligible for the competition.
The works are previewed by the Expert Council, that makes a decision on their inclusion in the competition program of the Festival. The Expert Council does not review the submitted video materials (programs, films).
The results of the competition are summed up by the international jury of the Festival. Films recognized as winners by the International Jury will be awarded with Diplomas and prizes.  The Grand Prix, the main award of the Festival is determined by the audience voting. The results of the competition will be announced at the Award Ceremony for the winners of the Festival on May 29, 2022 in Murmansk, Murmansk Region.
1. An application for participation in the competition is filled out at the website (for films in other languages than Russian, a film script in English is required, the script should be attached to the application). 
2. Form of submission of films:
a) Video data carrier: Internet file (Vimeo , Dropbox , Yandex.Disk , google-drive , NB: Videos from YouTube are not accepted!
b) Video and audio data format: content *. avi , *. mpeg (*. mpg ), * .mp4, *. mov , * .m2ts (encoder: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, or Microsoft DV PAL
Audio / video in *. vob are not accepted!
Recommended file size - 5-7 GB
c) The audio track of a film, program or story must be mixed in both L and R channels with a sound level of 11dB 
Audio data format: PCM (Stereo , 48KHz 16 bit , 2 channels), MPEG Audio Layer-2 (48KHz 224 or 256 kbps , 2 channels), AAC, AC3.
Each competitive work must have an identification leaderboard, indicating: name, timing, production company, filmmakers. Films with defects in the image, sound, presented in a different format, are not allowed to the competition.
3. Films for competition must have English subtitles. It is not allowed to overlay titles with "creeping line". The standard for subtitles is 2 (two) lines, taking into account the standard zone of their safe location.
4. For Russian participants - a completed form for giving the right of non-commercial use to Northern Character Production Center, materials submitted as part of the Northern Character film marathon, the use of program / film fragments in special stories, videos about the Northern Character International Film Festival: green screen”(the form is included in the application).
5. Materials for the booklet: brief information about the filmmaker / program, shots from the film ( 1-2 photos, JPG 720x576, 24 bit ), annotation for the film (up to 250 characters!), Name of the production company, contact phone numbers, email. Information should be presented in Russian and English. (All information is indicated in the application) 
For foreign participants: the name of the film is indicated in the original language and in English.
The festival cover the participant travel from Moscow and St.Peterburg to the Festival venue and accommodation. The organizers cover the costs of food, accreditation for all events of the festival for 1 (one) representative of the creative group of the film admitted to the competition.
The organizers of the Festival plan to hold the events of "Northern Character: green screen " in person. In the event of a worsening epidemiological situation and the quarantine measures and restrictions on the territory of the Murmansk region, the events of the Festival will be held online. 
IX. NOTE  Programs/films shown at the Festival are not eligible for screening fees.
The Festival directorate guarantees the protection of the materials submitted for the competition from illegal duplication and distribution without the consent of the author. Festival participants are responsible for the authorship and quality of all submitted projects. Compliance with copyright and related rights is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Claims and third party claims, including copyright holders and related rights, are resolved on behalf of the participant who submitted the film and at his expense.
The Organizing Committee of the Festival is not responsible for claims and claims related to copyright and related rights submitted to the competition of programs (films).
Films/programs submitted for participation in the competition will not be returned.
Programs /films, applications, printed version of titles are accepted in electronic form
marked Northern Character: green screen Festival.
Organizing Committee of the Festival :
Soldatova Svetlana - President of the Festival, + 7 921 511 05 00,
Yuri Erofeev - Executive Director, +7 921 036 00 40,
Osminina Svetlana - Commercial Director, +7 911 303 21 90,
Danilchenko Olga - coordinator, + 7 921 287 03 93,

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