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The Festival Grand Prix goes to a Russian film

Russian documentary Robber Monastery has been awarded the Gran Prix of Northern Character: green screen International Film Festival.

Festive awards ceremony for the winners has been held online today in Russian-Norwegian borderland.

The Grand Prix of international festival of environmental and social films Northern Character: green screen is awarded to the Russian film director Svetlana Stasenko (Moscow) for the film Robber Monastery.

The film is about Gena Chudnenko who was born in prison and who returned there after the orphanage. In prison Gena built a temple. And after his release from the prison, he built two beautiful wooden monasteries and ten temples.

The Jury decided to give the Best short feature film award to the Russian film The Cat Is Coming With Me by Murmansk director Ekaterina Mavlytova. The film is about touching friendship between an orphanage boy and a cat.

Best documentary is the film by the Norwegian director Inge Wegge Relative Risk. The film touches upon the topics of health, responsibility and risks, encountered by people in the wild.

Special diploma for best directing is given to The Russian Way by Tatiana Soboleva. The film is about a woman who is trying to change the life in here native Russian village after living abroad for twenty years.

Another special diploma for the best camerawork is given to The Highlander’s Wings. Karachay horse by the Russian director Magomed Kumykov. The Karachay horse is one of the aboriginal breeds of Russia in high demand for many centuries. We will see the life of these hardy and unpretentious animals in the amazing nature of the Caucasus.

Special diploma for poetic sight in the filmmaking is awarded to This Is The Night by the Swedish directors Gunnar Bergdahl, Carl Javer and Fredrik Lange.

For promoting empathy and kindness in the filmmaking - this is the wording of special diploma awarded to The Quarantine by Murmansk directors Daria Monastyreva and Yury Eroffev. The film is about the kindness of the people of Murmansk who during the pandemic help the parents of one-year old Misha Zhukov to collect the money for the worlds most expensive medicine.

Special diploma from Pechenga district social projects center The Second School for portraying the creative personality is given to Oh, if only we would never part…by Murmansk director Jaroslav Lomakin. This film tells us the story of how a boy from a Ukrainian village became an outstanding poet of the Kola Arctic.

Special diploma for the best environmental film GREEN ICE CAMERA has been awarded for the first time this year. It went to Stop Raping Nature by the Russian director Elena Makhneeva. The film was made on Lake Koltush, a unique place in Leningrad region.

The festival Jury included Tamara Sushko (Sweden), John Arvid Berger ( Norway), Irina Chapman ( Zhuravleva) ( France, Russia), Nikita Chisninkov ( Moscow), Elvira Serga (Murmansk). The Jury of international experts was chaired by a famous Russian filmmaker Igor Ter-Karapetov.

The festival was held 23-25 Septmeber on various venues in the border towns - Nikel, Zapoliarny, Pechenga (Russia) and Kirkenes (Norway).

The were 11 documentaries, 9 short feature films and 8 out of competition films from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Armenia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan. The filmmakers came to present their projects in person.

Offline film screenings were held at several venues. In Nikel it was Pechenga district social projects center The Second School, Central Library of Nikel, Secondary school Nr. 3, Metallurg sports center. In Zapolyarny the festival films were shown at the Octybr Culture House, in Pechenga - in the Platform Culture Center, and in Kirkenes - in Sør-Varanger Library.

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