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Teleconference has connected Murmansk and Norway at the opening ceremony of the International Northe

The opening ceremony of the XIII International "Northern Character" took place on Thursday evening in both Murmansk and Tromsø - two countries were connected by a teleconference.

Directors, journalists, producers, jury members and fans of northern cinematography gathered both in Murmansk and Tromsø. So far, the pandemic has not allowed meeting for all of them in one place, but, as the organizers of the festival noted, there are no barriers for dedicated people.

“The pandemic has divided us remotely, but we are still spiritually close. I hope that in the near future we will meet in Murmansk in person, regardless of borders and obstacles ”, - said the President of the Film Festival Svetlana Soldatova, welcoming the participants and guests of the film forum, and announced the XIII International Film Festival open.

According to the chairman of the jury, the famous Russian director, screenwriter and actor Alexei Rudakov, the members of the international expert team took their work with great responsibility and watched all the films and programs sent to the competition.

“When my colleagues from the international jury discussed the works, we noted that we have similar views, this fact confirms that cinema is a universal language of communication. As a filmmaker, I can say that in order to make films in the north, you need to have northern character”, -concluded Alexei Rudakov.

In Murmansk the festival period began on Monday, it will last the whole week, during this time 153 screenings will take place, 15 venues will be involved - cultural and educational institutions, hotel halls, a cinema, outdoor venues. The participants of the festival entries will compete in the following nominations: full-length fiction film, documentary (up to 90 minutes), documentary (up to 60 minutes), television program, short fiction film.

The jury will award special prizes to the best cameraman and the best director. And it will determine the owner of the main prize of the festival - the Grand Prix. The results of the jury's work will be announced on November, 27 at the awarding ceremony.

The festival takes place November, 25-28 with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Government of the Murmansk region. Project partners - Center for the Development of Film Production of the Murmansk Region; Ministry of Culture of the Murmansk Region. The festival was included in the action plan for Russia's chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

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