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Northern Character remains international although foreign visitors are prevented

Northern Character International Film & TV Festival did not manage to evade the world-wide spread corona virus. The Festival organizers are aware of the responsibility towards current and future generations of film lovers and therefore they have taken their precautions in order to prevent the risk of spreading the virus.

The Festival organizers have to inform that there will be no Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish or any other international festival guests visiting in Murmansk or Zapolyarny during the festival this year. The decision is made according to official regulations that are currently being introduced world-wide.

«We are terribly sorry that our international partners and guests are prohibited from visiting the festival this year. However, their films will be screened for the Murmansk audience, spreading good mood, reverence towards cinematography and the filmmakers. The Russian filmmakers, however, will be present at the festival, introducing their own films to the audience, as planned », says Festival President Svetlana Soldatova.

The international Festival Jury will make their decisions through video conversations, which means that the best works still will be awarded. The organizers are convinced that the longevity of cinematography conquers the temporary restrictions of border-crossing.

The festival will open on March 18th in Oktjabr cinema in Zapolyarny, projecting the Norwegian documentary Where Man Returns. On March 19 at 18h00, the audience will get to see the Norwegian movie Oskar’s America.

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