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Northern Character: green screen International Film Festival Jury includes representatives from Russ

The well-known Russian cinematographer Igor Ter-Karapetov will head the group of international experts. He graduated from VGIK, scriptwriting faculty in 2002 with honors. Many popular TV series shown on federal TV channels are based on his scripts, such as The Hunt for the Gauleiter, Smersh. Shock Wave, Black Sea, Mata Hari, Say Something Good, Fortune Teller. The Barents Sea, filmed this summer on the Kola Peninsula by Star Media film studio is also based on his script.

Sweden will be represented in the jury by Tamara Sushko, director and coordinator of cinema and television projects with Russian roots. WEBBON media company run by her is engaged in the production of documentary films and coordination of cross-border projects in the North and in the Barents region in the field of culture and social development. Films by Tamara Sushko were shown at various international and environmental film festivals.

Jan Arvid Berger will be the Norwegian representative. He has over 30 years of experience as a filmmaker, mainly as a producer of creative documentaries and international co-production. Currently Jan Berger is mainly directing, producing and heading Polarfox in Troms, Norway.

France and Russia are represented by Irina Shapman (Zhuravleva) - director, producer, creator of the LESFILM documentary film studio, director and producer of the Bears of Kamchatka. The beginning of life (2018), Forest (in progress), My bears. Himalayans (in progress). For more than 10 years, Irina has been involved in cultural initiatives in the field of responsible attitude to the environment.

A jury member from Murmansk is journalist Elvira Serga, director of the Russian Broadcasting Company in Murmansk region, VGTRK GTRK Murman. A well-known Murmansk TV journalist, she worked at the television center of the Northern Fleet, Blitz tv-company, North-West Broadcasting (TV-21). She also was the TASS news agency reporter in the Murmansk region.

The films of the contestants will also be evaluated by producer, director of the production studio "Mainstream" Nikita Chisnikov - an active participant and laureate of Russian and International film festivals, a constant participant in forums and talks on professional content creation. This year Nikita Chisnikov taught film courses to northerners at the Pechengafilm film school.

The Environmental and Social Film Forum will be held from 23 to 26 September 2021 for the fourth time in two border towns - Nikel (Russia) and Kirkenes (Norway).

The expert council selected 18 works from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in the categories Documentary and Short feature film. Another 7 films will be shown out of competition.

Films will be shown offline at several venues in Nikel, Zapolyarny and Kirkenes. In Nikel, these are the Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, Central Library of Nickel, Secondary School No. 3, Metallurg sports center. In Zapolyarny it is Oktyabr culture center, in Kirkenes it is Sør-Varanger Library.

The festival is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation and the Government of Murmansk Region. Project partners are Film Production Development Center of the Murmansk Region, Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Union of Journalists of Russia, Ministry of Culture of the Murmansk Region, Administration of the Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region, Sør-Varanger municipality (Norway), Sør-Varanger Library, Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, World Wildlife Fund.

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