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GREEN ICE CAMERA Award to be given at the international film festival in Nikel and Kirkenes.

GREEN ICE CAMERA Award to be given at the international film festival in Nikel and Kirkenes.

CREEN ICE CAMERA Award for the best film about environmental protection will be given for the first time at Northern Character: green screen Festival. The award is given by the organizers of GREEN ICE CAMERA Project, filmmakers from Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway^ and supported by Kolarctic CBC program and the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.

The aim of the project is to develop environmental guidelines for media production in the Arctic. International team of partners has been working on this document for a year and now they are ready to pres

ent the results of their work to the film community.

This year there are several films on environmental topics presented at the festival: short feature film Stop Raping the Nature, filmed at Lake Koltushkoye, a unique place in the Leningrad region. Or documentary A Garden of Beautiful Trees telling about a neighbourhood in Almaty where a teacher and environmentalist is giving free lectures to the children on the ecology and love for trees. Northern Character: green screen International environmental and social film festival will be held from 23 to 26 September in the Murmansk region and Norway.

11 documentaries, eight short films from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan will be shown in the categories Documentary, Short feature film. Another 8 films will be shown out of competition.

The films will be shown offline at several venues in Nikel, Zapolyarny and Kirkenes. In Nikel, these are Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, Central Library of Nikel, Secondary School No. 3, an outdoor cinema will be open at the Metallurg stadium. In Zapolyarny - in Oktyabr culture house and secondary school number 19, in Kirkenes - the Sør-Varanger library. You can also see the festival films online in the festival’s group on Vkontakte. The festival is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation and the Government of the Murmansk Region. Project partners are Film Production Development Center of the Murmansk Region,Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Union of Journalists of Russia, Ministry of Culture of the Murmansk Region, Administration of the Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region, Sør-Varanger municipality (Norway), Sør-Varanger» Library, Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, World Wildlife Fund.

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