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Films of Northern Character: green screen international ecological and social film festival

Friends, our festival launch is approaching. At the festival you will see 11 documentaries, 9 feature films, and 8 films will be for the out-of-competition screening.

Short feature films:

1. Victor Baranov, private person (Murmansk, Russia) / 2020

Masha – 19 min 19 sec

2. Tobias Bye, Norway, Bodø / 2018

The Hunt – 13 min

3. Dead Standing Tree, Rovaniemi, Finland / 2021

Ultima Kaltio – 6 min

4 .Elena Makhneva, private person, Koltushi, Russia / 2020

Stop raping the nature – 2 min 54 sec

5 . Vilda Bomben Film AB, Sweden/ 2021

This is the Night – 5 min

6. Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021

Time capsule - 13 min.

7. Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021

The cat is coming with me.

8 . Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021

Youthful indiscretions - 9 min.

9. PROFiX STUDIO and DTS GVOZD, Nikel, Russia / 2021

SOSige, 21 min

Ecological and social film forum will be held for the fourth time 23-26 September 2021 in two border towns – Nikel (Russia) and Kirkenes (Norway).

The films will be shown offline at several venues in Nikel, Zapolyarny and Kirkenes. In Nikel, these are Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, Central Library of Nikel, Secondary School No. 3, an outdoor cinema will be open at the Metallurg stadium. In Zapolyarny - in Oktyabr culture house and secondary school number 19, in Kirkenes - the Sør-Varanger library.

The motto of Northern Character: green screen festival is "Nature is a source of inspiration". The festival organiser Northern Character Production Center aims to form an open international platform for dialogue on environmental issues with the participation of specialists, experts, volunteers, caring and active residents of Nikel, Pechenga district and Kirkenes.

The festival is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation and the Government of the Murmansk Region. Project partners are Film Production Development Center of the Murmansk Region,Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Union of Journalists of Russia, Ministry of Culture of the Murmansk Region, Administration of the Pechenga District of the Murmansk Region, Sør-Varanger municipality (Norway), Sør-Varanger» Library, Pechenga District Social Projects Center the Second School, World Wildlife Fund.

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