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The North Without Borders international project is a series of interconnected events organized to strengthen good-neighborly contacts between Russia and Norway, based on themes uniting the citizens of the two countries: common history, ecology, education.

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This event will contribute to the discussion of issues related to the use of electric transport on northern roads in the border regions of Russia and Norway. The participants of the seminar, active residents of Nikel and Kirkenes, together with 
the experts in this field and scientists, will discuss common and important topics: When and why Norway switches to environmentally friendly cars? And when will no exhaust cars become popular in Russia? How will the operation of electric buses between Russia and Norway be organized? They also will touch upon the questions of establishing charging stations on the northern roads.
Within the framework of the seminar, two photo exhibitions will be organized in Russia and Norway about life in the northern territories of the two countries.


The conference with the participation of scientists, journalists, government and business representatives, and cultural actors will be devoted to various aspects of the current state of relations between the two countries, taking into account the Arctic agenda. The "hot spots" of the cold Arctic (Activity of the states in the Arctic during the Cold War and at present), the Arctic in the information space of the two states will be studied. The history of the growing popularity of the Arctic topics in the global agenda, the Arctic region in the reflection of global and national media will be presented. Ecology will be one of the topics, as seen from the situation in the Arctic regions. And first of all, this will be about the environmental consequences of the shutdown of production in Russian Nikel, oil and gas production on the Norwegian shelf, the discharge of mining waste into the waters of Norway - Nussir, the growth of noise pollution in Arctic waters - drilling on the shelf, the increase in the activity of the military and the death of whales, etc. The efforts and achievements of the Russian industry and the international community to clean up the waters of the Arctic will be presented, how the general cleaning of the territories of the High North is proceeding, elimination of accumulated environmental damage in the Arctic.

Screenings of films about the environmental issues made in the High North will be organized during the conference.

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This project aims to develop the competencies of the creative community of Pechenga District, promoting the opportunities of the border region for the film community in Northern Norway and Russia. "International Film Lab PECHENGAFILM" is a series of educational, competitive, presentation events in the field of film production that attract Russian and foreign filmmakers to  Pechenga District. The mission of the project is to "pump" the competences of the residents of Pechenga District interested in film production, show them opportunities for working in the film industry, and attract Russian and foreign filmmakers to the border region of Russia.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to recruit representatives of the film industry from Russia and Norway to the international team of the film group, organize a business game in order to create projects for films about friendship and mutual assistance in the High North, organize a course of lectures on professional topics related to scriptwriting, producing and directing films, cameramanship. A pitching (together with the development of projects) and shooting films for the winners of the pitching. As a result of the project, a presentation of created films and other films about life in difficult northern conditions will be held.

The project team has experience in organizing film schools. In 2021, team members organized Pechengafilm Film School, held in Nikel for the local creative community. As a result, the students of the project created three short films, one of which received a prize in the nomination "Best Short Film" at an international film festival in 2021.


A series of lectures in the form of talk shows, in Russian and Norwegian, about the historical context in which relations between the two peoples developed in the past years, "The Lessons of History"

The lectures will be developped specifically for the students of the film laboratory, but are intended for a wide range of audience. Lecture topics will cover the history of confrontation between military forces in the High North during the Second World War, the role of the USSR and other countries in the liberation of Norway and Northern Europe as a whole. It will tell about the history of military operations in Svalbard, Novaya Zemlya and other Arctic territories, Polar convoys as a unique example of international military cooperation in the Arctic region. The issues of preserving the common historical memory of the Second World War in Russia and Norway will be raised.



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