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Green Screen 2020

Festival Judges





Igor Ter-Karapetov

(Moscow, Russia)

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A famous Russian filmmaker. He graduated from VGIK, faculty of scriptwriting in 2002, diploma with honors. His scripts are in many popular tv-shows of national tv-channels like Hunting the Gauleiter, Smersh – the stroke, the Black Sea, Mata Hari, Say something nice, the Fortuneteller. The Barents Sea film shot this summer on the Kola peninsula by Star Media film studio, is also based on his script. 

Тамара Сушко.jpeg

Tamara Sushko

(Sweden, Lulea)

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Tamara has been working with documentaries since 1980 as a director, scriptwriter, author and photographer. 
Born in Siberia, has been living in the North Sweden since 2000.
Studied film and photography at the Kemerovo Arts University. (Kemerovo State University of arts and culture) 
And documentary film production at LTU, Sweden in 2013.
Tamara has completed several film projects in the Barents region.
Her main field is coordination of various international projects in the field of culture such as Northern Character Film Festival in Murmansk, Arctic Open in Arhangelsk.
She runs own media company WebbOn, working with documentary film production and cross-border projects in the North. 
Her films have participated in a number of international film festivals and were awarded various diplomas and awards.  

Johh Arvid Berger 2021.jpg

John Arvid Berger

(Norway, Tromso)

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Berger has more than 30 years of broad experience as filmmaker, mostly as producer of creative documentaies and international, but also in many different roles and formats within film during the years. Now mostly directing and producing. Runs company Polarfox AS in Tromsø Norway.


Irina Chapman (Zhuravleva)

(Russia, France)

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Director, producer, founder of nature documentary film studio LESFILM, director and producer of the Bears of Kamchatka. Beginning of life (2018), the Forest (in production), My Bears. the Himalaynians (in production). Has been involved in cultural initiatives on responsible attitude towards the nature.


Nikita Chisnikov

(Moscow, Russia)

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Producer, director, head of Mainstream production studio. 
Creator of tv-shows, documentary film, shows for national tv-channels. Actively involved in internet projects. 
Nikita is an active participant and winner of Russian and International film festivals. Permanent participant of forums and presentations on creating professional content. 
His education is in the field of economics, film directing and MBA. Has done a research work on “Managing creative people”. 


Elvira Serga

(Murmansk, Russia)

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Director of VGTRK GTRK Murman. 
Graduated from the Faculty of filology of Murmansk state teachers traning university, has Masters degree in journalism and media. Since 1993 she has worked in various media, including local and regional newspapers, tv-center and tv-companies. She was the editor-in-chief and general director of TV21 in Murmansk. She also  worked as a special reporter for the TASS news agency in the Murmansk region.

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