Green Screen 2020



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Reindeer rider

Ethnographic Bureau Studio, Ekaterinburg, Russia. 

26 min.


Director, scriptwriter – Ivan Golovnev  
Cameraman - Dmitry Adukanov 
Sound designer – Stepan Nedvig 

The film is based on the archive records of the Soviet reindeer herders' team leader and the video-diary of a modern day herder. The film describes the traditions of interaction of humans and nature in the culture of the Kamchatka Evens – an ethnic minority people of the Far East of Russia.

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Water. Thirst time

GOLDMEDIUM Company, Moscow (Russia)

39 min.

Director, scriptwriter – Evgeny Bezborodov 
Cameraman - Damir Yakubov 
Sound designer - Andrew Zhuchkov

Kyrgyzstan is a land of glaciers, clean rivers and lakes that is one of the first countries in the world to face the water crisis. Like a drop of water this country reflects the problems of all the mankind. 

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The Lapland Reserve

ANPO «Editorial of the television channel of the Council of the Federation», Moscow (Russia)                                                              26 min.


Scriptwriter  - Alexey Kobylkov
Director, sound designer – Boris Dedenev 
Cameraman  - Dmitry Koziakov 

The Lapland Natural Reserve is almost 90: all the borders and the maps have been drawn a long time ago, lots of research have been made, but there are still so many secrets and mysteries here, that nothing seems to have changed, and each trip here is a pioneer’s journey.  

чтобы красота не пропала.jpg

So that the beauty is not lost

Земля Леопарда.jpg

Land of the Leopard, or The Phenomenon of Man

Среда жизниHabitat.jpg


Pomor Cultural Fund “Bereginya", Arkhangelsk (Russia)                                        23 min.

Director, scriptwriter – Marina Nikitina    
Editing – Artem Yudin
Cameraman – Sergey Nezgovorov 
Sound designer – Oleg Kozhevin 

This film is a reflection on how important it is to be able to see beauty in everything. The film is based on the diary of Fedor Abramov, a Russian writer and publicist from the Arkhangelsk region. 

Andreevsky Flag Film Company


55 min.

Scriptwriters – Alexander Melnik, Anton Melnik, Juriy Shaliganov  
Director – Alexander Melnik  
Cameraman – Dmitry Pavlov  
Sound designer – Alexander Volodin  

The film follows the work on rescuing one of the most rare species, the Far Eastern, or Amur, leopard (Panthera pardusorientalis). It is also a reflection on preserving biological diversity on our planet as a human responsibility.  

HFBK Hamburg (Germany) 

64 min.

Scriptwriter, director, cameraman - Pola Rader  

The film recreates a chain of memories and reflections of Russian Sami of the Kola Peninsula describing their difficult way between cultures, national identity, sorrow and hopes.

Man With A Family - A Greenlandic Advent

Man With A Family - A Greenlandic Adventure

Explorer Mikael Strandberg, Sweden 

58 min.

Scriptwriter, cameraman, narrator – Mikael Strandberg 
Director - Mikael Strandberg, Ulrika Rang 
Cameraman – Rune Hansen 

This is a bittersweet self-shot family portrait of the Strandberg´s as we move to Greenland. Once we settle in our icy paradise, everything goes wrong. Leaving me to fear for my daughter’s life and fight for my wife´s love.

Activist 006_Riikka Karppinen.jpg


DocArtKy, Finland 

57 min.

Director, scriptwriter, cameraman – Petteri Saario, 
Sound designer - Joonatan Hietanen

A touching and encouraging story about a young miner’s daughter and her battle against one of the world’s largest mining companies. Depiction of destiny of an invaluable protected mire in Lapland. Is everything for sale when the bid is high enough?


The Arctic Camels

Relation04 Media AS, Norway

75 min.

Director, scriptwriter: Karl Emil Rikardsen
Cinematographer - Viggo Knudsen
Sound designer - Rune Hansen


Torarin and Svalin live with their parents in Finnmark, North of Norway. When the siblings want a horse for riding, their parents buy two Bactrian camels. The animals need to be trained, and the family soon discovers that camel training is difficult.


Последний снимок.jpg

The Last Shot

Private person – Mishkina Е., Omsk (Russia) 

4 min.

Scriptwriter, director, cameraman - Elizaveta Mishkina 

A girl finds an old camera that shows the world differently from reality. 

Понятой_кадр из фильма_frame from the mo


Private person – Petrukhin P., Moscow (Russia) 
 18 min

Scriptwriter – Mark Kirdan 
Оператор – Evgenia Pritchina 
Sound designer – Irina Tsyganenko 

Ernest's adultery turned into a confession to the killer…



Private person – Baranov B., Murmansk (Russia)  
7 min 35 sec


Scriptwriter, director – Viktor Baranov   
Cameraman, sound designer – Alexey Rogovoy  


Two completely different parallel stories for one child. Look and think about what future will you leave behind?


The Liar  

Private person – Zheleznova S., Moscow (Russia)  
6 min 51 sec 


Scriptwriter, director – Svetlana Zheleznova  
Cameramen – Vasily Ocheretnyk, Alexander Butov  
Sound designer - Alexander Butov  

A girl with a big heart and strong will wants to save an injured kitten. But the grown-ups have their more important things to do. Is there anyone ready to lend a helping hand?

Прсти меня. Пес.jpg

Hey, Gray

PiterPro_production, Moscow (Russia)  
14 min

Scriptwriters – Olga Kostyanova, Nikita Khozyainov, Maksim Mihailov, Andrey Ermakov, Lia Timonina  
Director - Nikita Khozyainov
Cameraman – Anton Kobzar  
Sound designer – German Shumaher  


At the death’s door, a thriving businessman meets his old dog Grey, which he heartlessly threw out on the street many years ago…


The Outcast

Private person – Orekhova J., Moscow (Russia)  
15 min


Scriptwriter, director – Julia Orekhova  
Cameraman – Anton Chereshnev 


After the ecological catastrophe, only a small population of people survived, they built a "sterile world" underground. Only renegades who have committed crimes against the system live on the surface. What happens if one of them is allowed to return?



13 min 40 sec 

Scriptwriter, Director - Aasne Vaa Greibrokk
Cinematographer - Øystein Mamen
Sound designers - Gunn Tove Grønsberg

Dagne is competent and independent in her work at the stables. Within the girls in the stables lies an expectation of what awaits them in adulthood, but the hazy fantasies of youth soon morph into harsh reality.