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Green Screen 2020

The Liar  

Hey, Gray

Private person – Zheleznova S., Moscow (Russia)  
6 min 51 sec 


Scriptwriter, director – Svetlana Zheleznova  
Cameramen – Vasily Ocheretnyk, Alexander Butov  
Sound designer - Alexander Butov  

A girl with a big heart and strong will wants to save an injured kitten. But the grown-ups have their more important things to do. Is there anyone ready to lend a helping hand?

The Outcast

Private person – Orekhova J., Moscow (Russia)  
15 min


Scriptwriter, director – Julia Orekhova  
Cameraman – Anton Chereshnev 


After the ecological catastrophe, only a small population of people survived, they built a "sterile world" underground. Only renegades who have committed crimes against the system live on the surface. What happens if one of them is allowed to return?



13 min 40 sec 

Scriptwriter, Director - Aasne Vaa Greibrokk
Cinematographer - Øystein Mamen
Sound designers - Gunn Tove Grønsberg

Dagne is competent and independent in her work at the stables. Within the girls in the stables lies an expectation of what awaits them in adulthood, but the hazy fantasies of youth soon morph into harsh reality. 



Русский Путь_edited.jpg

The Russian way

Dostoevsky Doc (Moscow, Russia) / 2021
52 min

Director, scriptwriter - Tatyana Soboleva
Camera - Tatyana Soboleva, Nikita Aniskin, Andrey Pirinov
Sound design - Apostol Sorin 


After twenty years abroad Natalya comes back to Russia and tries to change the life in her native village – fix the roads, collect garbage, protect the forest and build a first aid unit. Will the Western experience thrive on Russian soil? 

Жили 12 разбойников.png

Robber Monastery 

Passenger Studio (Moscow, Russia) / 2021
60 min

Director, scriptwriter - Svetlana Stasenko
Camera – Irina Udalskaya, Artem Ignatov
Sound design – Pavel Trautwein, Anastasia Pasenchuk  


Gena Chudnenko was born in prison. After the orphanage he returned to prison. In prison Gena built a temple. And after his release from prison, he built two beautiful wooden monasteries and ten temples. But the "Orthodox bosses'' expelled the talented builder.

О еде и людях.jpg

On food and humans

Directors and Scriptwriters High School, (St.Petersburg, Russia) / 2020
19 min 32 sec


Director, scriptwriter -  Tamara Kubaeva
Camera – Tamara Kubaeva, Svyatoslav Zaretskiy
Sound design – Alena Migunova 


This is a story about how rescuing food and at the same time rescuing other people became a way of life for the films characters.    

Relative Risk.jpeg

Relative Risk

О, если б никогда не расставаться.jpg

Oh, if only we would never part... 

Крылья горца. Карачаевская лошадь .jpg

Highlander's wings. Karachay horse

Weggefilms AS, Norway, Kabelvåg / 2020
30 min

Director, scriptwriter - Inge Wegge
Camera - Inge Wegge, Jesper Seip
Sound design - Kim Erling Johansen

When the pandemic hit Norway, the government advised against going on mountain hikes to minimize the risk of resources being spent on rescue operations. The film explores health, responsibility and risk in encounters with people in nature.

Studio "Skalnaya 20", Murmansk, Russia /2021
35 min


Director, scriptwriter, sound design - Yaroslav Lomakin 
Camera - Yaroslav Lomakin, Tatiana Voron 


The story of how a boy from a Ukrainian village became an outstanding poet of the Kola Arctic.

Magomed Kumykov, private person,   Russia /2021 
14 min 15 sec

Director, scriptwriter - Kumykov Magomed
Camera - Magomed Teppeev
Sound design – Marina Shamaeva
Narrator - N.N Drozdov

The Karachaev horse is one of the aboriginal breeds of Russia in high demand for many centuries. We will see the life of these hardy and unpretentious animals in the amazing nature of the Caucasus.

Lights And Landscapes Of Northern Norway - Prologue.png

Lights And Landscapes Of Northern Norway – Prologue

The river from the forest.jpeg

The river from the forest


We are the water

Christian Uhlig, Norway / 2021
4 min 17 sec

Director, scriptwriter, cameraman - Christian Uhlig

This is the first of ten time-lapse animated short films illustrating the diversity and beauty of Arctic Nature. Few if any sceneries are more inspiring than the unique lights and landscapes of the North.

Taigafilm, Sweden/ 2018
24 min

Director, scriptwriter, camera - Göran Emerius

Filmmaker Goeran Emerius follows a free flowing river above the Arctic Circle in Norrbotten in northern Sweden and tells us about the environment, wildlife and  a glimpse of Sami culture.

Andrey Sychev, private person (Murmansk, Russia) / 2021 
8 min. 

Director, scriptwriter – Andrey Sychev
Camera – Sergey Pashkov 


The Saami, indigenous peoples of the Kola North, have been worshiping the Water since old times. In their own special way. They believed the Water was the element that gave birth to both the saami world and the world in general. This film is a reminder. 


The Quarantine

Northern Character Production Center (Murmansk, Russia) /2021

27 min.

Directors - Daria Monastyreva, Juriy Eroffeev
Scriptwriter - Juriy Eroffeev
Music by - Ekaterina Efremova
Camera - Sergey Pashkov 


This film is about 1-year old Misha Zhukov who urgently needs the world's most expencive medicine.  He lives in Murmansk.The pandemic interferes with the collection of money to save the boy’s life. But the kindness of the people of Murmansk brings back the lost hope to the parents. 

Остров  Island_edited.jpg



Arsen Arakelian, private person, Erevan, Armenia / 2020 
19 min 40 sec

Scriptwriter – Suren Asmikian 
Director - Arsen Arakelian 
Camera- Hovhannes Gevorgyan
Sound design - David Davtyan


Everyone dreams of being surrounded by the love and care of their loved ones in old age. But dreams don’t always come true. Possibly, in other countries the concept of a “Nursing Home” doesn’t have the sad undertone it has in our country.




Victor Baranov, private person (Murmansk, Russia) / 2020
19 min 19 sec

Scriptwriter - ViktorBaranov
Camera - Dmitry Erokha
Sound design - Bogdan Stakhanov


Once the father wakes up, he realizes that his daughter is missing. Later he realizes that he is the reason for that.

The Hunt.jpg

The Hunt

Tobias Bye, Norway, Bodø / 2018
13 min

Director, scriptwriter - Tobias Bye
Cameraman - Run Eide
Sound designer - Marie Kvam Holberg


Something has come between two old friends. The topic is finally addressed during a hunting outing in a snowy wasteland – with emotional ramifications.

Ultima Kaltio.jpg

Ultima Kaltio

Dead Standing Tree, Rovaniemi, Finland / 2021
6 min

Director, scriptwriter, cameraman - Arttu Nieminen
Sound designer - Arttu Nieminen, Wimme & Rinne


The hypnotically pulsed bottom sediment of spring in the middle of wilderness enchants. It vibrates with seductive energy that invites another realm under the earth. Who's witnesses it hypnosis experiences a vision that curves the surface of the soul.

Хватит насиловать природу.png

Stop raping nature

Elena Makhneva, private person, Koltushi, Russia / 2020
2 min 54 sec

Scriptwriter - Natallia Baraboshkina
Director - Elena Makhneva 
Camera - Margarita Giorgadze 
Sound design -Aleksandr Akulenko


Any violence has a permanent effect. Someday it will strike back. We shot this film on Lake Koltush, in a unique place in Leningrad region. The film "STOP RAPING NATURE" is our little contribution in the struggle against raping nature.

This is the Night .png

This is the Night

Vilda Bomben Film AB, Sweden/ 2021
5 min

Scriptwriter -Gunnar Bergdahl
Director - Gunnar Bergdahl, Carl Javér, Fredrik Lange
Camera - Nils Croné
Sound design – Gustav Berger


This is the Night is a cinematic encounter; a homeless language, a forgotten place, a prophetic poem. The language is Yiddish, the place is the  jewish cemetery in Warsaw with its 200 000 graves and the poem published by Anna Margolin in New York 1929.

Капсула времени_edited.jpg

Time capsule

Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021 
13 min. 

Scriptwriter, director  -  Anna Tsedrik 
Creative director - Nikita Chisnikov
Music by - Artem Bogomolov 


During a huking trip some students come to a place of hard battles during the Second World War. The main character leaves the group to take some photos in the hills. A time capsule takes him into the past and he experiences some events that totally change his worldview.  

Кот пойдет со мной.jpg

The cat comes with me

Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021 

Scriptwriter, director - Ekaterina Mavlytova
This film is about a touching frienship of a kid from an institution and a cat. 

Ошибки молодости.jpg

Youthful indiscretions

Art Media Service, Nikel, Russia / 2021 
9 min.

Scriptwriter -Tatiana Egorova
Director - Ekaterina Mavlytova 
Camera - Mikhail Ovchinnikov, Segey Pashkov


No one is guaranteed against mistakes. Practically every person makes them, and sometimes those mistakes leave their trace on the person's destiny and change his life. 

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