Company "Aurum media", Moscow, Russia

Depth 1080 – 30 min 39 sec (2015)

Scriptwriter, director – Yulia Kiseleva

Cameraman – Sergey Petriga

Sound producer – Ekaterina Turaeva

1080 meters is the depth of  “Komsomolskaya” mine, where the main characters of the film have to descend into every day. Tundra and ghost settlements surround this place. There used to be five working mines earlier. Four of them remained after the explosion in the “Severnaya” mine. But despite all that, people still live here, looking for their own happiness.



Company Festagent, Moscow, Russia

Weather Forecast – 63 min (2016)

Scriptwriter, director – Ivan Tverdovsky

Cameramen – Evgeny Kokusev, Sergey Petriga, Ivan Alferov

Sound producer –Alexander Trukhan

These days it’s enough to press the button in a gadget to inquire of the weather forecast. Our film tells how and by whom the “weather is made” in reality.



ART VIDEO Documentary Studio Moscow, Russia

A Lifetime Deal - People of the North – 22 min 29 sec (2016)

Scriptwriters, directors – Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, Olga Arlauskas

Cameramen – Mikhail Vikhrov, Peter Menshikov, Dmitry Ivanov, Arseny Kalashnikov

Sound producer –Ivan Balandin

Cutting – Darya Domukhovskaya

Producers - Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, Olga Arlauskas, Vladimir Vainer

It is the first part of a film series of 11 episodes presently in production.  It is dedicated to the social businessmen in the North-West of Russia, conveying inspiring stories of people who managed to establish their stable social business.



Kedr (Cedar) Production Studio, Russia –France

Normandy – Neman. Monologue – 52 min

Director, editor – Egor Klimovich

Producers – Alexandra Maksimets, Evgeny Pashkov, Dmitry Rubezhin, Boris Filyaev

Scriptwriter – Kristina Abramyan

Cameraman – Artem Dubrovsky

Sound producers – Kirill Simakov, Yuri Pridachin

The documentary tells the story of the legendary Soviet-French squadron “Normandy – Neman”. It is the result of a co-production between “Kedr” (“Cedar”) Production Studio and the international social-cultural project “Anna & Marianna”.



Ethnofund, Moscow, Russia

Messengers of the Mainland – 65 min

Scriptwriter, director – Tatyana Soboleva

Cameraman – Dmitry Rakov

Sound producer –Ivan Gusakov

In spring as soon as ice melts on Siberian rivers, the Floating Polyclinic sets sail for six months. Doctors offer medical care to people in remote Russian villages. Ahead is a six months experience of various climate and living conditions, separation from their own families and meetings with different people.


LLC “TM-Video”

Priest – 44min (2016)

Scriptwriter, director – Anna Tokareva

Cameraman – Vladimir Volotovsky

Sound producer – Mikhail Shlykov

The Priest is an ordinary human being. He can be weak. He can feel pain if something is unjust. He moves on, day by day, doing his "anty-like" work.



Production Studio “Skazochnaya Doroga" (Fairy Tale Road), Moscow, Russia

The "Kolobok" of Mikhail Puzyrev’s Destiny – 51 min 39 sec (2015)

Scriptwriter – Nikolay Redkin

Director – Ludmila Temnova

Cameraman – Ivan Savchenko

The film is about the writer, philosopher and publicist Mikhail Puzyrev, a person with a destiny of hardship. His whole life he was devoted to the North. Puzyrev’s experience is unique. His life-story resembles the story of Russia in the XX century



Film Company  “Lex Film”, Moscow, Russia

Station Vostok (East). On the Threshold of Life – 87 min 30 sec

Scriptwriter – Sergey Khovenko

Director – Olga Stefanova

Cameramen – Olga Stefanova, Maksim Faitelberg

Sound producer – Sergey Almaev

Is this Earth? Officially – yes. It is the cold pole of our planet. The temperature reaches below 90 degrees Celsius. The wind catches up till 30 meters per second. It’s impossible to survive under such conditions. That is how it was considered. Until 1957, when the Russians established the polar station “Vostok” there.



Cinema Debuts´ New Studio, Moscow, Russia

Protected By The People – 26 min (2016)

Scriptwriter, director – Elena Kolomoitseva

Cameraman – Artur Krasheninnikov

Sound producer – Pavel Dovgal

People of different ages are travelling to the North. They overcome difficulties and misery for a common sake: Preserving relics in the Archangelsk region.



LLC “Sotrudnichestvo” (Cooperation), Moscow, Russia

Where Mammoths  Are Dozing – 72 min (2015)

Scriptwriter, director – Eva Belova

Cameraman – Andrey Naumenko

Sound producer – Larisa Kulagina

Is civilization a threat or a blessing for the Nenets people, lost in the very Far North?



Sonarfilm DA, Norway                                                                                                             

Liquid Wonderworld – 47 min (2016)                                                                                              

Scriptwriter, director, cinematographer –  Rachel A Gomez                                                                    

Sound producer – Nathanael Gustin, Fernando Romero de Toma                                                   

"Nomadism becomes a general trait of the liquid modern man, as he flows through his own life like a tourist. Changing place, jobs, spouses and values-a mindset dominated by an emphasis on shifting rather than staying"-Bauman.



Nicolaysen Film AS, Norway                                                                                                                  

A Song For Mursal – 29 min  (2016)                                                                                                     

Scriptwriter, director – Kristin Nicolaysen                                                                                    

Cameramen – Arnar Thorrison, Kristin Nicolaysen                                                                                     

Sound producer – Ida Iki                                                                                                                       

Elise and Mursal have been friends since they met at the age of seven. The two girls live in Northern Norway. While Elise has lived her entire life in Alta, Mursal is a refugee from Afghanistan, seeking asylum in Norway, and hoping for a future in Alta.



f(x) produksjoner AS, Norway                                                                                                                     

Priest of Burden – 79 min 36 sec (2015)                                                                                        

Scriptwriter, director, ameraman - Fridtjof Kjaereng                                                                      

Sound producer – Haakon Lammetun og Frode Loes Hvatum                                                               

The priest Boerre Knudsen is the most famous anti-abortion activist in Norway. His extensive demonstrations made him one of the most hated men in Norway. This is a film about fighting for what you believe in, without thinking about the consequences.




Mitra Sohrabian, Luleå, Sweden                                                                                              

Nature's Fairy - Always Connected – 58 min (2016)                                                                               

Scriptwriter, director, cameraman –  Mitra Sohrabian                                                                              

A film about Jonna Jinton, who left everything in the big town and moved to a cottage in nowhere. There she found inspiration through the nature. A film about fascination, creativity and her true love to the nature.



Jimmy Sundin Production, Sweden                                                                                               

Expedition Sweden – 61 min (2016)                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Scriptwriter - JImmy Sundin                                                                                                                   

Director – Jimmy Sundin, Linus Adolfsson (Directors) Jimmy Sundin (Producer)                                                                 

Cameramen – Jimmy Sundin, Linus Adolfsson                                                                                              

Sound producer – Oscar Lovnér                                                                                                                      

Jimmy is an experienced adventurer, Linus has never done anything like this before. Jason is used to the outdoors, but this will be his first time on skis. Now they're going to ski Kungsleden, a 450km long trail through Swedish Lapland.



Bautafilm AB, Sweden                                                                                                                                     

Nuclear Neighbor – 78 min 26 sec (2016)                                                                                                                      

Scriptwriter, director - Fredrik Oskarsson                                                                                                   

Cameramen - Janne Niskala, Hanna Halmeenpää, Fredrik Oskarsson                                                        

Sound producer – Rune Hansen                                                                                                              

“Nuclear Neighbor” isn’t just a film about a nuclear plant project, where the end justifies the means. It is also a story about a regular person’s mammoth task.



Rustaveli Films, Georgia

Dear Mother – 12 min 30 sec (2016)

Scriptwriter, narrator - Paulo Carneiro

Directors - Paulo Carneiro, Artur Manukiani

Cameramen - Arlindo Carneiro, Paulo Carneiro

Sound producer - Mário Dias

Letter from a son to a mother.