25.11.2016: “The Tragedy in Rogers Bay” is a festival opening film of the “Northern Character”

Opening film of International Film Festival “Northern Character” this year is a work of the Russian director Philipp Abryutin “The Tragedy in Rogers Bay”. The film has already taken part in numerous Russian film festivals from Chukotka to Kaliningrad and has won many awards.

Director personally presented the film. In spite of the fact that “The Tragedy in Rogers Bay” is the historical film, it nevertheless is actual for nowadays. Modern people somehow try to identify themselves and divide the world into “ours” or “others”. The film is about difficult choice, honesty, heroism and acts made with a sincere heart.

The movie is based on real events. It was shot within 1,5 months on Chukotka in severe winter conditions. The film screening took place on November, 24 at “Murmansk” cinema.

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