24.11.2016: Nikita Chisnikov told about experimental shooting with non-professional team

During master class the director Nikita Chisnikov told about difficulties of film-making process and about the unique project "Taxi Driver`s Day". In March, 2016 within only 2 hours the film director managed to shoot the short film, edit it and to present it to the audience with the help of non-professional team. Nikita Chisnikov is sure that it is the successful experiment in Monchegorsk, Murmansk, Zapolyarniy and Nickel. People, who have never took part in shootings, were involved into film-making process. It was useful experience for everybody: both for the film director and the team.

Nikita Chisnikov noted that the director should always remember about the audience. It is very important to shoot the film for the audience. Film which is shot by director just for himself  will never be successful.

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