Meeting with Film Director Philipp Abryutin, Russia

17:00 November, 24

Murmansk Library


Only in Russian language



Philipp A. graduated from Gerasimov Russian State University of Cinematography, and specialized in directing at Abdrashitov Fiction Film Studio. He is presently doing a post-graduate study at the Chair of Film Drama at Gerasimov State University.



Scriptwriter and director:

- It’s Me, Sergey (2004, short fiction film.

- Nothing Special (2005, short fiction, VGIK).

- Sarafanov’s Children (2007, short fiction, VGIK).

- Repeated Crime (2008, short fiction, VGIK).

- Two Ivans (2009, short-length)

- Blue Ridges (2015, short fiction).

- Tragedy In Rogers Bay (2015, feature-length fiction, debut, LLC “Valdai”).



Awakening (2014, short fiction, director – K. Tishenko, LLC “PC Molodezhnye Initsiativy”).

-​ Silver Talk (2015, short fiction, director – P. Inin, LLC “PC Molodezhnye Initsiativy”).

-​ Closer That Appears (2015, feature-length fiction, directors – G. Dyukarev, M. Voskoboev, A. Kim, A. Rubinstein, N. Belyauskene, LLC “PC Molodezhnye Initsiativy”).