Master class by class by Nikita Chisnikov, Russia

«Taxi Driver’s Day. An experience of extreme filmmaking» 10:40 – 12:00 November, 24

Kirov Culture Center, Blue Hall, 3rd floor


Is it possible to make a film in two hours? Probably only true adventurists are able to do that. An even more impossible task is to make a film in 120 minutes, with a non-professional team, edit it, attract spectators and organize the premiere. In March 2016, film director Nikita Chisnikov and a team from TV-21 managed to make this unique project in Murmansk region.


Taxi Driver’s Day – 29 min (2016). Premiere
North-West Broadcasting TV Company “TV-21”, Murmansk, Russia
Scriptwriter – Svetlana Soldatova
Director – Vasiliy Yakovlev
Cameramen – Alexander Lyubitelev, Konstantin Kabanets

In four days, four short fiction films were produced in Murmansk, Monchegorsk, Nickel and Zapolyarny. The script is based on situations happening in public transport. The production team consists of ordinary people from northern cities. In this film about the film “Taxi Driver’s Day” we get acquainted with the protagonists of this unique film experiment.