Chairman of the Jury - Finland

JOUKO AALTONEN (born 1956) is documentary film director, whose films have been screened and awarded internationally. Some of the best known films are Temples of Dreams (2015), A Man from the Congo River (2010), Punksters & Youngsters (2008), Revolution (2006), Kusum (2000) and Taiga Nomads (1990-1992, together with Heimo Lappalainen). Besides directing, he has been working in a variety of film branches, for instance producer, scriptwriter and film editor. He is Doctor of Arts and adjunct professor at Aalto University, where he has been teaching and making research work. He has published five books and several articles about documentary film and scriptwriting.


Journalist, director with the Swedish national broadcasting company. She started working with documentaries in 1995 when she came to Russia for the first time. Her films tell about the unknown history of World War II in the Arctic. Gunilla won two Grand Prix at “Northern Character” for the films “A Grey Blanket with Embroidered Flowers” - about a Norwegian woman who took part in the resistance movement and “Night Witches” about a Soviet women’s squadron. One of her latest works is the film “I Stop Time” - about the famous Soviet cameraman Vladislav Mikosha


Journalist, director, producer, member of the Russian TV Academy. During 34 years in Russian State TV-channel “Murman” he went from being reporter to becoming editor-in chief. Valeri Gamza´s programs in Murmansk TV became very popular. Gamza was awarded the Russian national prize TEFFI for the film Above The Komsomolets´Grave. Gamza presently lives in Moscow, working as a manager of media projects with the Fund for Support of Arctic Territories Our North, as well as editor in chief for the same Fund´s almanac.


Joonas Makkonen is a Finnish director and screenwriter living in Finland’s Lapland (Tornio). Joonas’ debut feature film is Bunny the Killer Thing. Before this film, Makkonen has directed various awarded short films, and TV advertisements. He was born in Eastern Finland (Vieremä) in 1986 and graduated from Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences (Bachelor of Culture and Arts, directing & screenwriting) in 2011.


Editor in chief of the TV-21, member of the Journalist Union of Russia. Being a girl she dreamed to become a doctor or a teacher. But by chance she started to work in TV and has been working as a journalist for more than 20 years. Her favorite genre is Special Report, and focus area – social journalism. She has been working with TV-21since 2007, presently leading TV21´s creative team at TV-21, the News and internet departments as well as the program Our Morning.


Film and TV-director, member of the Russian Cinema Workers Union, the Guild of film directors, Eurasian Academy of TV and radio. Graduated from VGIK (The Russian State Institute for Cinematography), has worked at studios as “Lennauchfilm”, “Lenfilm”, TV channel RAI-2 (Italy). Author of short and feature films. Has directed more than 60 films and TV programs for central and regional TV-channels. Was awarded at many festivals (in New-York, Toronto, Venice, Athens, Barcelona). Laureate of FIPRESCI international critics’ prize. He is presently Head of the Department of Film and Photo Art at the St-Petersburg State University for Film and TV.



Film director, scriptwriter and producer from Honningsvåg, Norway. University studies in Oslo, France and the USSR - in history and French/Russian language. Graduated from London International Film School as director, cinematographer and producer, worked many years with Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK). Has made numerous short films, documentaries, TV dramas and feature films, often related to history and people in the North: Finnmark between East and West (1985), Stella Polaris (1993), Burnt By Frost (1996), Ice Kiss (2008). His greatest commercial success was the documentary Cool & Crazy (2001), distributed worldwide. His works are widely awarded; in the US, Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Presently working on the war epos Longing For Today