ARCTIC SUPERSTAR IN MURMANSK is a joint-venture between Northern Character International Film & TV Festival and Tromsø International Film Festival TIFF


The Saami-Norwegian rapper SLINCRAZE alias Nils Rune Utsi has made a tremendous success with his music – despite rapping in a language only 20.000 people understand…

The documentary ARCTIC SUPERSTAR - ranked one of the 10 best music documentaries worldwide in 2016 (Vice Magazine) – tells a story about dreams and defeats and coming from a small place, trying to break through in the Big World.

Now Arctic Superstar SlinCraze is coming to Murmansk and Northern Character – on the film screen and live:


25 November 15:00-17:30 Kirov Culture Center (Festival Hall, 1st floor): 

Public festival screening of the documentary ARCTIC SUPERSTAR (Norway, 2016)

Master class by director Simen Braathen: Arctic Superstar – a film against all odds. 


25 November at 21:00 Cinema «Severnoe Sianie»: 

The documentary ARCTIC SUPERSTAR (Norway, 2016). All-Russian premiere!  

Director Simen Braathen and main character SlinCraze/Nils Rune Utsi will be present.


25 November at 22:00 Loft Bar Cherdak: SLINCRAZE LIVE! 

Party-concert with the Saami-Norwegian rapper  SlinCraze/Nils Rune Utsi together with musicians from Murmansk. Come and join and have a chat with the artists! Doors open at 22:00.