We continue to accept applications and works for the IV International festival of documentary films and television programs "The Northern Character". 

For three years the festival has become a significant cultural event in the Murmansk region. A new meeting of television and film professionals will be held November 15-17, 2011 in Murmansk. The motto of this year's festival - "Charmed with the North." 

We accept programs of various genres, television films and documentaries, videos, stories, created by the state, municipal and private television companies, studios and private individuals to participation in the contest of the Festival There is a new nomination "TV program (news)" in the competition program. The works, as always, will be judged by an international jury which consist of journalists and documentary filmmakers from Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Deadline for works is September 1,2011. We are waiting for your applications!  

June 2011.

There are more than 50 applicants for the Grand Prix!

More than 50 television stations, production centers in Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland,

Estonia, Netherlands, Italy declared about their desire to participate in the competitive show of the IV-th International Festival of documentaries and television programs "The Northern Character". Geography of the Russian participants cities extends from Archangel to Grozny and from St. - Petersburg to Blagoveshchensk. Organizing Committee of the Festival reminds that the reception of the works ends on September 1, 2011.

July 2011

A new nomination for "The Northern Character"!

"Festival" The Northern Character " refers to a category of events that change to the better and are in step with the times "- as the executive director of the television forum Yuri Erofeev recons. According to his words, there is a very important addition in the competition program of the IV-th Festival. We have added a new category - "Information program". It's no secret that modern TV is informative. This function is vividly represented in the broadcasting schedule of Russian TV channels. J. Erofeev is sure that the festival will allow to see and appreciate the level of Journalists from Russia and foreign countries, working in an information genre.

August 2011

What do the Italians know about Sami?

The Italian broadcasters work is declared in the competition program of the festival "The Northern Character". Its author is a native Russian citizen Elena Shabeeva. Elena was born in Petrozavodsk, she lived and worked in France and Italy. That is Florence where the idea to shoot ​​a picture about Sami of the Kola Peninsula came to her. It was followed by a long-term research and training on video and photo studios Videolab Firenze. With the work of the Italians will be able to experience not only the members of the festival Jury, the participants and the guests of the TV forum, but also the heroes themselves – the Kola Sami.