Media Forum discusses new challenges for journalism

Media Forum discusses new challenges for journalism in this year’s Northern Character International Film & TV festival

 Changes in the world have also changed the media, the platforms and how the public consume news. This is the starting point for discussions in the media forum.

 The questions that have risen the last decade are numerous. Who is a modern journalist today, with which kind of knowledge and expertise? Does an author who can use modern technologies need the patronage of a chief editor or a media house? Can a mobile phone replace all the other equipment for a journalist?

 Participants in the media forum will discuss the new channels of communications between readers and journalists, “the non-professional journalism” definition and new ways of accessing information from any place in the world. As sales and ad markets for printed media continues to drop, which tendencies can be seen for the future in journalism and the platforms where news are communicated?

 Moderator at Media Forum will be blogger and editor of the regional website for Murmansk,, Dmitry Kachalov (Russia). The panelists are journalist, photographer and filmmaker André Larsson  (Sweden), Pertti Veijalainen (Finland), Magnus Aabech (Norway), editor Potasov Valerii (Russia) and journalist, consultant and social media expert Kristian Strobech Denmark.

 Media Forum takes place at Murmansk Arctic State University, in the Great Auditorium on Saturday 25 Nov. at 10.00.

The venue for the Media Forum is the big auditorium of the Murmansk Arctic State University.