Gunulla Bresky is a journalist and film-maker from Luleå, Sweden. She is an author of several films which were dedicated to episodes of the Second World War unknown previously. Her films received several awards at international festivals including the film “Bloody Road” about prisoners of concentration camps, ”Gray Blanket Embroidered With Flowers” about a woman who was a member of the Resistance movement, “Night witches” is a story about Soviet air squadron, ”I Stop Time” about war cameraman Vladislav Mikosha.

The new film of Gunilla is “Son of the Sun” – a masterpiece story about Nils-Aslak Valkeapää who is one of the most distinctive and famous Sami singers in the history of this people. He is one of the symbols of Sami fighting for their rights and is a pride of Sami Culture from the second part of the 20th century.  



Ekaterina is a film-maker and film producer. She was born in the family of film-makers. She finished the screenwriting faculty of VGIK (the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography) and studio of Ilya Vaisfeld. She is a film director of several dozens documentaries and many of her works received awards of Russian and international film-festivals. She is a member of the Russian filmmaking union and the general committee of Eurasion Academy of Radio and Television. She combines film-making activity with teaching profession at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow.

LINE HALVORSEN, NORWAY                                                                                             

Line Halvorsen has been working as a film director and editor at more than 20 documentaries and travel series for Norwegian and International television since 1997. She is best known for her documentaries “A Stone’s Thrown Away”, “USA vs Al-Arian” and “Living Without Money”, all of which have received several awards. Line currently is a project manager at “Mid Nordic Film Export”, where she is studying innovative ways of films’ distribution and helps regional filmmakers to prepare distribution strategies. For many years, she has been working as a teacher at Norwegian cinematographic education establishments. She was a curator at several European documentary film projects and was a jury member of various film festivals around the world. Line traveled a lot. She lived in Palestine, USA, Italy and Spain. 


Elena has finished the Leningradsky Institute of music and cinematography. For many years she has been working at Murmansk television, where she make her way from assistant to the TV chief director. She was a leader of popular TV series “36,6” and “Murmanskoye vremechko”. She is a film director of several video films “Island Sergevan”, “The longest day”, Hei, Hello”, “Another life”, Kurskii sled” which received awards at Russian and international film-festivals. Currently she is working as an film director of TV-company “Avtorskoye televidenie”. She is producing several TV-programs including “Currently not available” (TV channel “TVC”), “A big family”, “Inner Circle”, “By foot” (TV channel ”Russia-culture”). She is a receiver TEFI prize, which is the main state TV award in the Russian Federation.



Director, explorer. Kira Jääskeläinen was born in Warsaw into a Finnish-Polish family.  She moved to Finland as a child and the first part of her life she studied classical cello under the supervision of professor Seppo Laamanen in Helsinki. 1998-2009 Kira lived in Denmark, where she studied Russian and East European studies at the Copenhagen University. Kira's interest in documentary filmmaking grew and she continued her postgraduate studies at the All Russian State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow.  In her studies and her film work Kira has explored the Indigenous peoples of the Russian North. Since 2004 she has conducted 12 expeditions to Chukotka Autonomous Region, where she also filmed her full length documentary debut “Tagikaks – once were hunters” (2012), screened and awarded on festivals all over the world. Since 2006 Kira has worked as the artistic director of Polish Film Weeks in Finland. She cooperated with several film festivals in Finland and abroad.   


Valentina is as Swedish film-maker as well as producer, screen writer for theatre, radio and TV, but her main priority is film-making. She was born at Murmansk but lives in Sweden for over 22 years. The main topic of her films are fates of Russian woman in immigration. She graduated the State Institute of Culture at St. Petersburg and Department of the cinema history at Luleo (Sweden). Her first documentary “Old Ladies By The Sea” was a winner of the First Festival “The Northern character” in the Documentary nomination.  In 2005 Valentina organized her own company “Svalafilm” and made several documentary films: “The Confession”, “Dangerous Russian Women”, “Svetlana And Kurt”, “The Love Of Amir” which received awards at several international film festivals.


Elvira is a editor-in-chief of the TV channel TV-21. She is a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. She has been working more than 25 years as a journalist and has a great experience of working at newspapers, Radio, and TV. Her favorite genre is a special major report with focus at Northern fleet of the Russian Federation, social journalism, TV interactive projects. She is initiator of several popular innovative projects which include “Poehali”, “Without Brakes!” She works a lot with young journalists who start their careers and thinks that there is no impossible tasks in the journalism and in the life.